Vinařství Dambořice


Vinařství z Dambořic

Our winery cannot be described by the popular term "traditional family", but perhaps rather traditional friendly. It was created in the same way as our wine, spontaneously, but not by chance. In 2018, thanks to our work and life, we united our two wein cellars into one and enjoyd together our first vintage. That year was new for us in many ways and presented us with an interesting question whether not to start a winery together and try to entertain other people than just friends and family with our wines. In the summer of 2019, our ŠTERBERG winery was officially established and we look forward to the opportunities and coincidences that await us.



We want to produce not only classic lighter wines intended for everyday drinking, but also more distinctive and multi-layered wines, intended primarily for tasting and "philosophical" discussions.

You will find us in the small village of Dambořice, which lies at the foot of the highlands Ždánický les and belongs to the wine-growing sub-region SLOVÁCKÁ PODOBLAST. The area is northern, but fortunately on the southern side of the wooded hills, which protect the slopes with vineyards from cold winds. The quality of local vineyards and a suitable climate is evidenced by a long wine-growing tradition, which has reached us through our families and many small winemakers. Our wine sub-region is distinctive and not suitable for all grapes varieties. For some, such as the Moravian Muscat, however, it is unique.
At present, there is not much opportunity to taste local wines outside the small cellars, and that is a pity. That's why we're here. We enjoy wine, we make it the way we can and the way we love it. We hope
that it will entertain and taste you too.

Our winery was established spontaneously, but its further development is already a careful consideration and interplay of our opinions and abilities. Just as the best wines are created by connecting several factors, our winery is a combination of the three of us. We believe that our Cuvé has a good foundation and will entertain not only us.

Marek Štěrba

Pavel Lattenberg

Petr Štěrba